Harrison Cole


About me

Hey! My name is Harrison Cole and I am from Camas, Washington. I am the oldest of four kids and have a dog and two birds at home. Growing up in the great northwest, I love doing anything outdoors especially hiking and climbing. In high school I played tennis and basketball and participated in choir as well.

I am an aspiring web programmer and am currently studying computer science here at BYU. My goal for my education is to learn about new perspectives and ideas that will inform how I see the world and what I can add to it; to be as prepared as I can be to support a family and manage effective relationships with others; and to find things I am passionate about learning and doing in my work and my leisure time. I am discovering that computer science is where these joint goals intersect. And I continue to learn a lot about myself every day.

Start up project

This is where the description and link to my start up project will go.

Simon project

This is where the description and link to my implementation of the Simon will go.

Web programming assignments

These are my assignments where I practiced with HTML